Property Management

  • Move-in and move-out inspections 
  • All tenant communications 
  • Rent collection with a dedicated bank account per property
  • All notices
  • Annual rent roll and expense report
  • Scheduling maintenance and repairs – 3 quotes for approval when required
  • Maintenance charged back to tenant when applicable
  • In-house maintenance with reduced fees 
  • Non-resident tax remitting when applicable 
  • Multiple unit inspections each year
  • Complete maintenance schedule & inspection documentation
  • Documentation of key property components

What we do:

Your Best Property Inc. offers hands off property management for your investment properties. We take care of all aspects of your property from regular maintenance and tenant inquiries to your annual bookkeeping.

We Make Being a Landlord Easy by taking care of:

1) All tenant communications 

2) Repairs and maintenance to the property as required.

3) Issuing notices as required

4) Establish and maintain rental, revenue, and expense records.

5) Perform all covenants, duties and obligations of the Owner.

6) Negotiate leases

7) Purchase inventories, provisions, equipment, utilities, services and supplies

What you can expect: 

1) An open channel of communication. We are readily available to your tenants and yourself. 

2) Accounting and control services with statements provided in early in the new year for the previous year and an operating budget in Q1 for your approval for the current year.

3) Ongoing operational services to keep your property in good repair. Including regular site visits and complete and detailed records of the visit.


1) No more late-night phone calls.

2) No more tracking and keeping receipts related to expenses. 

3) No more gathering of quotes and arranging ad-hoc maintenance.

4) Annual financial statements – rent roll and expense statement.

5) Annual budgets 

6) Routine inspections for your peace of mind

7) Dedicated bank account to track income and expenses.


Condo units: $100/month inclusive 

Single Family homes: Starting at 6% - 10% gross rents + HST

Multi-unit properties: 3% - 10% of gross rents + HST

Lease up: 1 months rent plus HST 

1 year  - 30 days notice, no hassle termination